A Proper Partnership

A Proper Partnership

On the 13th June 2019, Morris Lubricants were just a little bit excited as Guy Martin, our Brand Ambassador, came to visit.  We even cleaned the marketing office and much like a member of the royal family he obviously thought our office always smells of shake and vac and new paint! 

Guy spent the first part of the day touring the site and was introduced to all members of staff and imagine he found himself in a lot of selfies.  Once the tour was over he then took part in a Facebook live hosted by our Automotive Product Manager, Adrian Hill, where we asked questions that our social media followers had sent in.

After a much needed cup or tea and a spot of lunch he then joined Rob who initiated him in the finer points of oil blending followed by Amanda, one of our Laboratory Chemists, showing him how to test the oil that he had produced. 

By the end of the day though he couldn't help himself and had to get up close and personal with the Morris Sentinel lorry which he got in and under to take a look at its workings. 

Guy said "I thought it was a few blokes in a shed in Shrewsbury, but to come here and see what goes into the blending and testing of the oil is amazing.  I'd underestimated the whole Morris operataion, but it's now an honour to be part of it"

"My view with regards to products is: if it's serious in motorsport, then it's going to be a good product to use in the commercial industry and I probably wouldn't have taken Morris seriously unless I knew it was serious in the motorsports world.  Anyway, I was asked to be a brand ambassador, was given a bit of oil for my shed and I said "I'm in!"

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