Off Highway - Aerosols

Workshop Pro Carb Cleaner
Code: CAR

A selected treatment designed to remove dirt, grime and accumulated oily deposits from carb..

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Workshop Pro Chain Lubricant Semi Synthetic (Formerly Croma Aerosol)
Code: CCL

Workshop Pro Semi-synthetic Chain Lubricant is a specially formulated aerosol designed for ..

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Workshop Pro MD4 Multipurpose Maintenance Spray
Code: MDF

Workshop Pro MD4 is an effective, damp start and penetrating fluid with outstanding corrosi..

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Workshop Pro Chain Lubricant Fully Synthetic (Formerly MLR Chain Lube)
Code: FSC

Workshop Pro Chain Lubricant Fully Synthetic is a specially formulated fully synthetic chai..

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Workshop Pro Solvent Degreaser (Formerly Pavan Aerosol)
Code: PAV

Workshop Pro Solvent Degreaser is a ready for use, pink coloured emulsifiable fluid, manufac..

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Workshop Pro Surface Conditioner (Formerly Prima Aerosol)
Code: PRI

Workshop Pro Surface Conditioner is a special blend of silicone, solvents and cleaners. It ..

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Workshop Pro Anti Seize Compound (Formerly Prise Aerosol)
Code: PSE

Anti-Seize is a lead and CFC free compound, made from solvent refined oil, Bentonite thicke..

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Workshop Pro Solvent Cleaner
Code: SOL

A complex mixture of hydrocarbon and oxygenated solvents designed to clean and degrease all..

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