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Our Classic Range

The Gold Standard for Vintage and Classic Vehicles

We are proud to have a long and illustrious history dating back to the early 20th century of supporting the classic and vintage vehicle industry and consider ourselves true pioneers in the field.  Hugely passionate about protecting the vintage market, our innovative and expert team continues to develop an extensive range of high quality products designed with its very specific needs in mind. 

Our highly skilled team combines the very latest additive technology with traditional oil properties to ensure that our range of Golden Film products offers the perfect protection for cherished classic and vintage vehicles.  Synonymous with quality and renowned amongst classic car enthusiasts worldwide, each product is lovingly developed by our team to offer support across the whole spectrum of traditional motors, from cars and motorcycles to commercial and agricultural vehicles.

Keeping Steam & Heritage Vehicles Alive

We have been supplying our high quality products to the steam & heritage industry for over a century and are proud to own and operate several steam & heritage vehicles of our own, including a 1931 Sentinel Steam Waggon.  Building on our long association with steam and heritage workshops, our expert team has developed a range of bespoke products specifically designed to keep the steam & heritage industry alive with contemporary products introduced to meet the needs of present day operating conditions.

Our steam & heritage product range has been specially formulated to meet, and exceed, the requirements of present-day operating conditions within the industry, with our expert team introducing innovative new technologies to ensure the provision of outstanding resistance to rust, corrosion, wear and oxidation.  Developed in close collaboration, our high quality products have been designed specifically to keep steam and heritage vehicles fully operational, from small-scale steam engines, road locomotives and steam wagons to ploughing engines, diesel and steam locomotives, and rolling stock.

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