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History - Over 140 years in the making

Remaining independent after 140 years 

Following the death of the founder James Kent Morris in 1891, James’ eldest son of the same name known as JK supported by trustees appointed by his father took up the reins of the business at a young age of 18. JK spent 10 years as a travelling salesman for the Anglo-American Oil Company of whom his father had been a customer, developing Anglo-American’s paraffin and petrol business in the region. Building on this experience the company moved beyond groceries to supply surplus oils purchased under tender from the Disposal Board set up following World War 1. This enabled the company to achieve nationwide status as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality lubricants. 

Following the post war boom the company became incorporated in 1922. Demand for the company’s products has been underpinned over the decades by an increase in demand for technology requiring lubricant products, primarily combustion engine powered vehicles. 

In 2003 the decision was made for the lubricants arm of Morris & Company to go their separate way and become a new legal entity. Retaining the family connection Paterson Enterprises Limited was created the following year. Named after Leonard Paterson the Morris & Company Chairman and nephew of JK, Paterson Enterprises Limited retains both 4th and 5th generation descendants of James Kent Morris as both main shareholders and key directorial positions such as Managing Director. 

Today the business remains at the forefront of developing and manufacturing a diverse range of world-class lubricant products, suitable for the modern era. This with the traditional values and an eye on the future firmly in mind. 

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