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IMPORTANT: Automotive Engine Oil Brand Update

November 2016 ushered in an important milestone for Morris Lubricants’ automotive engine oil range as it made the transition to the long-established and respected MULTIVIS brand name.

Why we changed?
Increasingly complex automotive engine oil formulation and rate of innovation called for a new naming and coding structure that provides both longevity and consistency to the range. Secondly the MULTIVIS brand offers maximum trademark protection for over 80 emerging and competitive international markets in which we now proudly operate.

Assisting with the transition
Part numbers will remain the same across all grades and packaging sizes. New barcodes have been applied across 1 and 5 litre pack sizes. All 25 and 205 litre packaging will contain previous names to assist with familiarity. In conjunction with this all invoices, delivery notes, technical datasheets and supporting marketing literature will detail previous product names until the end of 2017. Our online lubricant selector tool will also contain previous names to assist with the consumption of current branded stock that you may hold.

DOWNLOAD: Automotive Engine Oil Conversion Chart - November 2016


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  • New Product Bulletin: Multivis ADT VA 5W-30

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    Multivis ECO VB 0W-20 is a high performance fully synthetic engine oil formulated to cope with the exacting demands of OEMs requiring low viscosity engine oils, in particular Volkswagen Audi Group. The product uses a combination of synthetic base fluids and an advanced additive system to provide a balanced lubricant that delivers friction reduction, component protection and fuel efficiency.

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