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Product Update: Versimax HD6 & HD7 to be superseeded by versimax HD12 & HD14

Over the last few months the team at Morris Lubricants have been reviewing its product structure. The decision has been made that two of the company’s heavy duty diesel engine oils are to be superseded. Both Versimax HD6 & Versimax HD7 are to be superseded by Versimax HD12 & Versimax HD14 respectively.

To explain this change in more detail is Automotive Product Manager Adrian Hill.

“In order to address the increasing level of biofuel used in heavy duty diesel engines, new engine oil specifications have been released to help cope with its effects should it get down into the sump.”

“The main one is API CK-4, which is especially effective at sustaining emission control system durability where particulate filters and other advanced after-treatment systems are used.   API CK-4 is fully backward compatible and can be used in all API CJ-4 and related applications. Many of the OEM specifications have been upgraded in the same way: For example Volvo VDS 4 has been upgraded to Volvo VDS 4.5.  Again this is backward compatible. As such, Versimax HD12 15W-40 will replace Versimax HD6 15W-40 in all applications and Versimax HD14 10W-30 will replace Versimax HD7 10W-30.  This will help reduce inventories and eliminate the possibility of misapplication where newer engine designs require this latest level of protection.”


Stocks of both Versimax HD6 & HD7 are almost depleted and once so will no longer be available.


To Clarify:


  • Versimax HD12 (ACK005, ACK025 & ACK205) will replace Versimax HD6 (UPL)


  • Versimax HD14 (VMF025 & VMF205) will replace Versimax HD7 (ECN)


For more information please contact our technical team on 01743 237541 or email


For sales information please speak to your ASM or call 01743 232200.

Download Product Update: Versimax HD6 & HD7 to be superseeded by versimax HD12 & HD14


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