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Shropshire partnership key for British Tractor Pulling Champions

A Shropshire partnership proved decisive as The Bear Essentials Team powered to the 2018 British Tractor Pulling Championship.


The team uses a range of quality products from Shrewsbury-based Morris Lubricants to keep its powerful 2,000hp tractor, Ice Bear, running smoothly in competitions across the UK and Europe.


The Bear Essentials Team, which is also based near Shrewsbury, clinched the British Championship in the Prostock category after competing in rounds across England and Scotland.


It was also the leading British tractor to finish in the top 10 at the European Championships and the highly contested Eurocup Series held this year in the Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary and the UK.


Pairing one of the world’s most powerful motorsports with one of UK’s leading independent lubricants blenders has proved to be a match made in heaven.


Based on a production 160hp Valtra tractor, with wheel speeds of up to 90kmh and kicking out somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500hp, Ice Bear is a multiple British Champion and competes in the Prostock category for production-based tractors running on diesel fuel with a single turbocharger.


The goal of Tractor Pulling is to drag an increasingly heavy sledge as far as possible. In the Prostock category, a weight of up to 60 tonnes is hauled down a 100m track in about 10 seconds! 


It’s a challenge that takes the Bear Essentials Team almost 20,000km a year to compete across the UK and Europe, where Tractor Pulling is a major spectator sport.


To get over the line, every inch of the tractor must perform to its maximum, which is where Morris Lubricants comes in. The family-owned company, which celebrates its 150tn birthday in 2019, supplies the oils and lubricants to keep Ice Bear’s cogs turning smoothly.


Ice Bear runs on Versimax HD3 20W-50 Ring Free Diesel Engine Oil and Terrain CT50 Transmission Fluid. The Bear Essentials Team also uses Morris Lubricants’ 10W-40 engine oil, antifreeze, Morendo fuel octane booster, brake and clutch fluid in the Daf lorry that transports Ice Bear to events as well as workshop lubricants.


“The link-up with Morris Lubricants is key to the team,” said Andy Miller, Bear Essentials Team manager, second driver and mechanic, who works for Valtra UK (AGCO Ltd).


“In addition to the Versimax HD3 20W-50 Ring Free Diesel Engine Oil that we have used for a number of years, we have found that the reliability of our transmission and rear axle have been greatly improved since moving to Morris’ Terrain CT50 Transmission Fluid over the last two seasons.


“It is testament once again to the quality of the products in this high horsepower application.  If it works well for us with 90kmh+ rear wheel speeds, then it has got to be a winner in standard tractors at 40 or 50kmh!


“Morris Lubricants has helped us grow and improve as a team to compete at the very top level of the Prostock class in both UK and European competition.”


The Bear Essentials Team also comprises Mike Simmons, main driver and mechanic, who works at local Valtra dealer Edwards & Farmer, Brian Marston, Halfway House haulage contractor, Peter Hemming, a chicken farmer at Yockleton where the team is based, Jane Miller, hospitality manager and May Norris, merchandising and social media manager.


Andrew Goddard, Morris Lubricants’ Chariman, said: “It’s incredible to see the sheer power of Ice Bear, a real achievement of human endeavour. This is another example of how well our products perform when put to the ultimate test.


“We’re delighted that our products and support are helping a team, which is based here in Shropshire, to make its mark at the highest level of European competition and wish Ice Bear continued success.”


Morris Lubricants has been manufacturing lubricants in Shrewsbury since 1869. Nearly 150 years of development has seen the company grow to become one of Europe's leading oil blenders and marketers, with a reputation for quality and service.


The company offers an extensive range of performance lubricants covering a wide variety of application areas, including many that are specifically designed for motorsport. This is backed by the highest level of quality control and technical support, together with an experienced customer service team.


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