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Tank Smart Telemetry - Remote monitoring services

Morris Tank Smart is a one stop shop solution

Everything is included:

  • Field services
  • Hardware
  • Mobile subscriptions
  • Internet access with personalised logins and passwords.

Set of Hardware

Morris Lubricants use pressure sensors connected to ATEX approved GSM modules to monitor oil levels.

Web Solutions

The data is available on our web portal 3-4 weeks after installation. You can access your tank information via any internet browser.

Field Services

Upon subscription to Tank Smart, our telemetry partner will contact you to install the remote monitoring hardware at your premises*. Maintenance is included during the lifetime of your subscription.

Bulk Delivery

Tank Smart allows you to monitor your stock levels online.

Our teams can:

  • Call you once you have reached a predefi­ned stock level to plan replenishment at your convenience.
  • Offer automated replenishment services so that you never need to worry about stock-outs.
  • Enable you to see product usage online. The historic charts will enable you to optimise lubricant usage based on your needs.

Web Portal

Monitor your stock levels from any internet browser and receive personalised alerts via email or SMS when reaching critical stock levels.

  • Accessible via any web browser.
  • Stock levels are checked every
  • 4 hours and reported every 2 days.
  • Tanks are geo-tagged on Google Maps®
  • Personalised SMS email alerts.
  • Personalised logins and passwords for dedicated set of tanks

 * Successful installation subject to adequate telemetry signal at tank location

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