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Grinding Fluids

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  • Supergrind CG

    Supergrind CG

    Code: SCG Hard metals such as tungsten carbide contain significant amounts of Cobalt in their m...
  • Supergrind MP

    Supergrind MP

    Code: SMP Supergrind MP is a fully synthetic water mix grinding fluid offering extended sump li...
  • Supergrind Plus

    Supergrind Plus

    Code: SPL Supergrind Plus is a fully synthetic grinding fluid offering exceptional performance ...
  • Supergrind SW

    Supergrind SW

    Code: SSW Supergrind SW is a fully synthetic water-mix grinding fluid that forms a true solutio...
  • Supergrind Ultra

    Supergrind Ultra

    Code: SUL Supergrind Ultra is a premium quality versatile fully synthetic clear grinding fluid ...

5 Item(s)

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