Marine - Greases

K383 Anti-Seize Compound
Code: ASC

K383 is a lead free anti seize compound, made from high quality mineral oils, non soap thick..

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K48 Moly Grease
Code: KMO

K48 is a premium quality multi-purpose grease for use in all anti-friction and plain bearing..

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K323 Premium Blue Grease
Code: PBG

K323 is an extremely sophisticated lithium / calcium base grease which incorporates modern ..

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K25 Graphited Calcium Grease
Code: GCG

K25 is manufactured from a Calcium soap base and highly refined mineral oil, with added gra..

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K3 Calcium EP Grease
Code: CAL

K3 is a premium quality, water resistant grease for use in industrial and marine application..

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