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Workshop PRO Premium Barrier Cream ZOOM

Workshop PRO Premium Barrier Cream

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Premium Barrier Cream is a non-fatty skin protection lotion that is dispersed easily and quickly absorbed into the skin. It protects the skin against a wide range of soiling by different materials. Only one skin protection lotion is required. Premium Barrier Cream prevents noxious substances coming into contact with the skin and stops soiling from penetrating deep into the skin, as well as reducing skin irritation and minimising allergy and sensitivity potential. When applied consistently, can prevent skin-related illnesses and downtimes in the factory, protecting against cooling lubricants, diluted acids, inks, oils, tar, fats, bitumen, inks, varnishes, paints, rust, dyes, cement, lime, various adhesives, polyurethane foams, sealants and cold, etc.
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