Agriculture - Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils

Versimax HD12 15W-40
Code: ACK

DescriptionVersimax HD12 15W-40 is a mid-SAPS heavy duty diesel engine oil, manufactured fro..

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Versimax HD14 10W-30
Code: VMF

Versimax HD14 10W-30 is a mid-SAPS heavy duty diesel engine oil formulated to provide high l..

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Versimax HD5 10W-40
Code: XHS

Versimax HD5 10W-40 is a high performance diesel engine oil, utilizing performance additive ..

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Versimax HD4 15W-40
Code: RVS

Versimax HD4 15W-40 is a highly versatile heavy duty engine oil that can be used to rational..

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Duplex CDX 15W-40 Engine Oil
Code: CDX

Duplex CDX 15W-40 is a mixed fleet lubricant, incorporating high quality minerals oils and ..

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