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Hygiene & Cleaning

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  • Lento Disinfectant

    Lento Disinfectant

    Code: LEN A general purpose disinfectant with powerful sanitising action and pleasant lavender ...
  • Cadence TFR

    Cadence TFR

    Code: CAD Originally developed in Scandinavia this unique combination of surface active agents,...
  • Abgel Citrus (Heavy Duty H/C)

    Abgel Citrus (Heavy Duty H/C)

    Code: ABG A powerful heavy-duty hand cleanser containing polyethylene micro-beads for the effec...
  • Lydian Degreasing Fluid

    Lydian Degreasing Fluid

    Code: LYD Lydian Degreaser is a ready for use, blue coloured emulsifiable fluid, manufactured f...
  • Purolene


    Code: PUR Purolene is a highly refined, colourless solvent that has a very low aromatics value ...
  • Terralus Viroclean

    Terralus Viroclean

    Code: VIR Terralus Viroclean is a non-toxic, water-based, biodegradable cleaner. ...

10 Item(s)

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