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What our export customers say about us

Anpanan autocare Ltd has been working with Morris Lubricants for over 25 years with guaranteed good results which we thinks says a lot.  Over the years we have established a very strong relationship with the export team which are ready to listen and support us. Lets say that the only thing better than the products is the export team!  Our customers over the years have come to trust the superior high quality products that Morris Lubricants has on offer. 

Lisa Panayiotou - Anpana Autocare Ltd - Cyprus 


We have been marketing Morris products here in Australia since 2004 and have found them to be of the highest quality.   My main successes have been in the Agricultural, Heavy Transport and Earthmoving sectors with products such as Ringfree/Versimax diesel oils, JDF, SFU, agri oils, Lodexol gear oils. Also the Metcut, Supercut, Supergrind machining oil have been outstanding

Ian Worcester - Lubricon - Australia 


Morris Lubricants have proven to be impressive and have met or in some cases, exceeded our performance requirements and expectations.  The products meet all our requirements as our preferred lubricant supplier for our entire Port operations and i would happily recommend tham to any prospective customers considering using them. 

Ray Welten, Purchasing Managerl Lyttelton Port Company Ltd - New Zealand


I race a factory, USA-built, Trans Am Camero and use only Morris Lubricants.  I found that the 10/50 competition oil is the very best I have used. Using other brands of lubricant I needed to freshen the engines bearings half way thorugh the race season because of the rate of wear in the engine.  I have had the oil analysed after several meetings and got good results in its quality.  I also race a NASCAR truck powered by a Chev SB2 race engine and have had the same results.  After stripping engines down I have found that the oil has stuck to the vital places it needs to and does not just run off these parts but seems to cling like a slippery film.  I cannot put into worlds how good I know this brand of lubricants is.  

Paul Williams, Paul Williams Motors - New Zealand 


Our logging equipment uses Morris Lubricants: oil, grease and quite a bit of chain oil. When you've got a big investment in machines like harvesters it's important to use the best. I've had machinery dealers tell me to  use their oils but once they check out the Morris LUbricnat specs, they're quite happy - often it out-specs the dealers own, and with some it's a quarter of the price.  I've had good service from Morris Lubricants. There are lots of others around, but they seem to be very good. 

Doug Anderson, Anderson Logging - New Zealand 


We have been dealing with Morris Lubricants for over 20 years now as their agent for Morris products in New Zealand.  Over this time we have built a solid relationship with Morris which is based on a mutual trust and friendship.  Their technical support, development of products for our market, support with pricing, marketing and specifications continues to exceed our expectations.  Over our time selling Morris Lubricants in New Zealand we have never had a single quality issue with the product which is a testament to the high standard of Morris quality.  We regularly receive feedback from our customers as to the quality of the product and it gives our team a lot of confidence that we are selling a premium product in a competitive industry.  Morris have supported us wholeheartedly in developing the Morris brand in New Zealand and it is an ongoing pleasure doing business with your friends.  

Pat Hickmott, Oil Distributors - New Zealand 


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